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Bosch en Duin
Scheveningseweg 76
2517KZ Den Haag
Info 0622371412

What can be said about Molona Boertien?

The work of Molona Boertien is quite divers in character.
Often visionary, sometimes clownish or even straightforward poignant with an eye towards dimensions not everybody will find obvious. As to the clownish element: utter tragedy and supreme humour often go together, as is the case n the theatrical work of the famous mime Marcel Marceau or in the writings of the superior Dutch columnist Simon Carmiggelt.

Grotesque earthiness and a higher level of reality coincide in the works of Molona Boertien.
She creates suprising images as “Lady with dog’ or ‘Shady side’.

Very touching is the tender and fragile portrait of a woman she gave a poetical title.
Notions like ‘sister soul’, ‘twin soul’, ‘a higher world’ are coming miraculously matter-of-fact like to the surface on Molona’s drawing paper or in her canvases or in her canvases or 3d. materials.
The collection possible being presented is well over 500 paintings, drawings and sculptures which her work contents at the moment.

Moreover, at the short side of the Lange Voorhout-street in The Hague (near Bodega De Posthoorn) her pink marble sculpture on a red copper piedestal, named ‘Man and Passion’, is to be seen, to be touched and felt.

Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity in the future to enjoy more works by this moving artiste.

Script Meta van IJzer, translation Bert Jansma.

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